Palapa C Satellite Services

September 4, 2006

Palapa Satellite will help you turn your network into a competititive advantage by giving you and your customer a better, faster way of exchange information, getting high quality of video and audio broadcasting. Even, the satellite system owned by Palapa allows you to deliver broadband service, high speed data transfer, video conferencing and interactive entertainment.

The Strength of Palapa-C

*  Wide Coverage
With the Pasific Rim as its center, its coverage now extends Westward from to Vladivostock and South to Sydney and , covers more than 35 countries in Asia Pacific.

More Viewer
More than 3.6 millions TVRO point to Palapa in area and more than 3.8 million TVRO in Asia Pacific.

More Powerful
The Palapa-C Satellite has more powerful transponder of EIRP 37 dBW at the C-Band and 50 dBW for the Ku-Band, allowing for a more efficient and less expensive service for its customers utilizing small antenna as small as 80 cm.

Greater Flexibility
With its 12 transponders, switch able between the C-Band coverage areas, Palapa-C can transmit downlink signals to the two coverage areas. This capability allows Palapa-C to cover the Pacific path at a frequency required by its customers.

Well-Trained Experts
Supported by a team of nationally and internationally well-trained experience experts, PT Indosat has been entrusted with the operating of the third generation of Palapa-C Satellite.

Palapa’s Services

Transponder Leasing
Provide capacity provision, national & international VSAT services, carrier by carrier services (retail channel) and occasional use for certain application.

Telecommunications & Network Services
Indosat provides total network solutions and services such as: VSAT network operations (domestic and international); Internet access for ISP’s and end users; international leased lines; multimedia and video conference.

Palapa DigiBouquet
is the cost-effectife way to deliver broadcast quality video & audio digital broadcasting via Palapa C. it’s designed for TV Broadcasting Networks, DTH (Direct To Home) operators and video/internet content providers.

Asialink Telecast Service
is on demand video distribution with MPEG-2/DVB digital occasional use services for Newscaster. It’s capable to deliver analogue or digital video service via international satellite capacity such as Palapa-C, Intelsat, Pan-Amsat and Asiasat.

ishigh Speed Internet Access via satellite. It is the total Internet solution that will enhance your company competitiveness and assuring customer satisfaction within the Palapa-C Satellite coverage.

Others Service
Palapa-C Satellite is also providing other service by utilize its high quality human resources and its equipments there are satellite Telemetry, Tracking and Command (TT&C) back up; satellite launch support; satellite and ground station engineering; network implementation; project management & operation.

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